What’s the point of GUTS NYC?

GUTS NYC is an organism whose main function, like most organisms, is to procreate; an organism that includes all components of NYC’s queer culture. Primarily, that would consist of a few vital organs–the user (you), queer businesses/institutions, and the team behind GUTS NYC (us). In the way our bodies we need a respiratory, circulatory, and a nervous system to survive, all of these things are co-dependent on one another to function.

Ostensibly, it can be argued that queer individuals can get along fine without queer businesses, and since GUTS NYC is only just launching, potential users have gotten by without us till now. But the organism GUTS NYC has never existed, and that is why we need you (the user, the business owner) to play your part so that queer NYC is not merely existing but flourishing.

We like to think of our job works like the circulatory or respiratory system in that we are mobilizing the life force (creativity and energy) throughout the greater organism so we, as a community, are functioning optimally and on all cylinders. If this sounds confusing, just think about how complex the human body is and how much we logistically take for granted because most of it operates automatically.

For a more technical explanation, please read our About Us page.

If I decide to play a part in GUTS NYC, what’s in it for me?

The possibilities are only limited by what we each contribute to this larger organism. The primary incentive is that you will be able to discover things, via technology, in a much more organic and efficient way. For instance, you’ll know where your queer resources are and when the events you’re interested in are happening. You’ll gain incentives for your role when you check in to the businesses and institutions you visit. You’ll also have an better idea of the users in these spaces which will make it that much easier to forge meaningful relationships, some of whom you may have overlooked.

As a user, you’ll also have the opportunity to inhabit a virtual space that you can furnish with the things you love and create so others have the chance to see just how dimensional and talented you are. Some of these discoveries may also present an opportunity to collaborate on a project or gig which can give you exposure and the chance to earn some money while you’re at it.

How would I be able to earn money as a part of GUTS NYC?

We mentioned that our main function is to procreate and that is in part due to our mission to gather our content from users like you. Whether you’re a reporter who’s written a compelling story for GUTS NYC, or you’ve collaborated with other users to create an editorial product story for a GUTS NYC business sponsor, if you can create something that informs or inspires, we’d like to compensate you for your excellence.

As a caveat, we require that whatever you contribute, must adhere to a level of excellence in order to be paid. So always do your best and engage with people who are your betters and peers and share the same integrity and level of talent as you do.

Do I have to be queer to be a part of GUTS NYC?

The reason we use queer when describing our peers and our community is the elasticity the word has. For example, you could be heterosexual person but your gender identification may be more fluid. You can be a straight ally. Honestly, fuck all of the identification criteria. All we ask is that all users within the organism create content that is in pursuit of pushing the dialogue of queer NYC further to broaden and encompass the scope of how people both inside and outside of our community perceive what it means to be queer. So if you feel queer, or have insight to contribute to the creative advancement of queer culture, this is a great opportunity to make a case for it and tell your story through your unique voice.